The New Arizona - Article from AZ Republic

08 Dec 2013 9:09 PM | Julia Wright
Humans are odd creatures.  The more important a thing, the more we take it for granted.  While many Arizonians have opinions on Hollywood romances and sport team victories (go ASU), most don’t value the critical fundamentals: access to healthy air, drinkable water, and maintaining access to basic needs.  We don’t , that is, until it is taken away.

It is a core tenant of Arizona life that we live in a desert.  A core tenant of a desert is limited access to water.  Despite this, cumulatively, we waste millions of gallons of purified drinking water a year.  Some runs off our sidewalks, some down our drains, some is explicitly linked with other things we waste, like fuel and electricity.  In partnership with Arizona Forward, The Green Chamber supports the education of the recent the Arizona Republic water management in their series titled, “The New Arizona” which identifies strategic plans for a more prosperous and sustainable state.  The steps advocated in the articles represent a clear call to action to ensure both our economic prosperity, as well as meeting the simple necessity of having water to drink when you need it.

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